Underwater Sports

Sports That Can be Done Underwater

There are number of sports that can be done under water. Many people relate underwater sports to scuba diving, snorkeling and breath-hold diving. Although these are some underwater sports, there are many more. These include:

  • Fin swimming
  • Spear fishing
  • Underwater football & hockey & rugby
  • Underwater photography
  • Underwater target shooting
  • Aquathlon
  • Free diving
  • Sport diving
  • Under water orienteering

Fin swimming & Spearfishing

This underwater sport has a total of four different techniques. This sport is swimming on the surface with the use of a snorkel and fins (when swimming underwater using fins with a scuba tank or holding the breath). There have been many competitions that involved fin swimming. The fist competition was in 1976. It started as a World Games sport in 1981 and has been a competition there since. It is organized competition through the world and continent levels by CMAS.

Spearfishing is a sport that involves the capture and hunt of fish underwater. A spear gun is normally used or another sort of tackle system.

Underwater Football, Hockey and Rugby

Underwater football is normally a game that consists of two players on a team. It is normally played in a swimming pool and includes equipment used for snorkeling including a snorkel, mask and fins.

Underwater hockey is also called Octopush. This is where two teams use a system to move pucks across the bottom of a swimming pool.

Underwater rugby is played in the same concept as underwater football. The ball used in filled with saltwater. There is a heavy metal bucket on the bottom used for a goal. In the 1960's this game was invented by German diving clubs for training for physical fitness. In 1978, the CMAS recognized the sport and was played as a world championship for the first time in 1980.

Underwater Photography

This underwater sport consists of individual players dropping at the same spot for two days at the same time. Using an underwater camera and scuba diving gear they travel to take photographs. These films are then given and judged on five different categories and given an overall score. It was invented in the year of 1985.

Underwater Target Shooting

This sport is known as Tiro al Blanco Subacuatico in Spanish and Tir sur cible subaquatique in French. This sport consists of competitors showing off their experience with a spear gun in a swimming pool. It is primarily played in Europe. It was invented in early 1980's in the country of France.


This is also known as wrestling underwater. Two people wearing fins and masks attempt to remove the ribbon for the other's ankle. The winner is the one who gets the ribbon. It is played in a ring that is inside of a swimming pool and is played in three different rounds. The rounds are a total of 30 second rounds and may add a fourth round in the event of a tie. It was invented in the 1980's in Russia which was known as the USSR then. It was played in 1993 as an international sport and CMAS recognized it in 2008.

Free Diving & Sport Diving

There are two different organizations that control free diving. They are the AIDA International and the CMAS. It is known as an individual sport and consists of awards based on one person’s performance. At the World contest for Teams from the Aida that is held twice a year the score is combined with other scores on a team of divers. This is the only time it is not an individual sport. The sport of free diving can be done by either men or women.

Sport diving is a diving sport that used scuba diving equipment. It is done in a swimming Pool. The competitions of sport diving can be individual contests and be played as a team contest or game as well. The game was developed in the late 1990's in Spain. The competitions are primarily held in Europe. The game is known as Buceo De Competicion in Spanish. It is known as Plongee Sportive in French.

All the underwater sports mentioned are played and competed in around the world. They are all still played today in competitions.


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