Extreme Sports and the Body

There are a number of things athletes should do before going at conquering or attempting extreme sports for the first time. Here is a list to go by for the first extreme sporting event:

  • Go to see the doctor. Have a complete physical done to make sure your body is compatible for extreme sports. Physicians will normally check weight and do a series of physical examinations and blood work as well. The heart is the main thing that will be focused to make sure it can handle the circumstances. There is no such thing as being over careful when it comes to the body.
  • Use a training manual. There are numerous training guides that can be found today. There is even one that is labeled. Go to the book store or library and get a book on the extreme sport. Following a training manual will prepare the athlete for what to expect as well as what needs to be done for a safe event.
  • Exercise. The best thing for a extreme athlete is to keep the body fit and trim and athletic. There are some sports that require strength and may need time spent on the bar bells and other sports may need endurance and need time spent in aerobics. Finally there are others that need a lot of concentration. This is where yoga comes in handy.
  • Research equipment. Research what kind of equipment is needed for the event. Talk to athletes that have done the sport in the past and present. Get perspectives from many people on what needs to be taken on the event. It is always better to be over prepared than not have enough.
  • Keep attention to weather conditions. Always check, double check and triple check the weather for the event. This is a big concern if the event is to be held outdoors. The weather is liable for a big chunk of injuries in the outdoors. Rock climbing in the rain or diving in a lightning storm can be very hazardous for athletes.
  • Always pair up with the buddy system. Never do any type of sport alone. It is extremely dangerous and not very intelligent to do so. Danger is the middle name of extreme sports. Make sure it is not the emphasis of the event.
  • Fish oil. Taking fish oil supplements can help you to build lean muscle masses, reduce risk of injury and to perform your best while playing sports.

The quantity of food, water and vitamins can make a difference in the performance of all sports. This is called sports nutrition. There have been special diets and ways of life for athletes since centuries ago with the Olympic Games with the Romans and Greeks. In the year of 2008, it was reported that 65 % of Americans followed an exercise routine by the US News.

There are many different supplements that are known to help with performance and endurance in sports. The outcome can sometimes lead to the use of illegal substances. Anabolic steroids are one. They relate to testosterone which is a hormone that rapidly builds mass and strength. It can have multiple side effects with its use including gender related effects and an increase in blood pressure. Another illegal practice is blood doping which was invented by the World War II pilots in the 1940's. Blood doping is the illegal process of increasing the amount of red blood cells that are in the blood stream.

In the 1940's training was designed for strength athletes and dietary protein was introduced to those people’s diets. Dietary protein helps to safely gain muscle mass and strength. Although they help an over dosed amount could lead to calcium loss, renal and liver damage, gastro intestinal problems, dehydration and gout. Another is creatine. It will increase performance in exercising and strength. Glutamine which is primarily found in whey is an amino acid that is found in the human body more than any other protein supplement. Other supplements that have had studies done and have brought a lot of attention are chromium, ephedra and androstenedione. These substances have a higher risk and no evidence of benefits. Red Bull drinks are becoming more predominant in the world. It is an energy drink that caused an increase in performance of 83% of drinkers with a 4.7% energy increase according to the University of Texas. Some of the biggest increases in performance come from carbohydrates, caffeine and Vitamin B. Sports drinks like Gatorade are used frequently. These sports drinks produce minerals and electrolytes that help to keep the body hydrated during sports of all kinds. In the 1960's Gatorade was invented. It was introduced by the Gainesville Gators at the University of Florida who had better performances when they drank a drink that contained sucrose and glucose in water. These drinks of all names in the same content hit the shelves in the 1970's. Although they help with dehydration they do not contain protein which is a supplement that is needed prior to sporting events. Milk was founded in 2008 to have an increase in muscle protein balance. It contains many nutrients, electrolytes and other components that help with performance. It is now known to replace fluids lost during sporting events a lot faster than any sporting drinks made.






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